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Case Studies

Case Study: CPS annual business planning grid Case Study: MMCOJ bulls-eye pricing system Case Study: HNS sales materials and booth in 45 days
Case Study: Microblend prototype in 40 days Case Study: Del Monte $1.4 million profit from inventory Case Study: Kraft Team college recruiting program
Case Study: Kraft Team +13% employee satifaction gain Case Study: 16 oz. CFOJ +3% growth in declining category Case Study: Increased brand sales +19% and profits improved +46% in one year
Case Study: Showed how to multiply sales efforts 100X by partnering Case Study: 100% customer retention and improved client satisfaction ratings Case Study: Restructured conference format improving satisfaction scores 10%
Case Study: Identified long-term business strategy resulting in sustained +13% higher profit Case Study: Improved interaction between department managers for clearer communication Case Study: Placeholder
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