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Don Drews’ presentation to Renaissance Executive Forums (Chicago): The Yin of Sales, The Yang of Marketing (PPT)
Don Drews’ presentation to the Harvard Business School Club of Chicago: The Unintended Consequences of How You Define the Role of Marketing (PDF File)
Don Drews’ presentation at the 2006 CADM Direct Marketing Days Conference: Outside-In, An Alternative Approach to Target Marketing (PDF File)


Ideas of Interest

The Power of Why: Your Psychological Ally To Marketing Success!
From PsychoTactics

The 10 Faces of Innovation
From Fast Company

Search Engine Optimization 101
From Marketleap

Advertising Effectiveness Checklist (PDF File)

Management Lessons from Little League
From KeyStone Search

Marketing or General Management? (PDF File)
From SpencerStuart

The Oreo, Obesity and Us
From The Chicago Tribune

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