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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical structure for a Courageous Marketing project?

You will get the best results by working with Courageous Marketing in a two-stage process.  In the first stage, we look at where the market is going.  We listen to what your customers are telling you.  We consider where you want your business to go.  From that, we define the powerful idea that will make your business bigger, stronger and more profitable.  Then we construct a simple, focused plan of attack.  This phase is typically quick and concentrated.

The second stage involves transferring the vision and the passion to your team.  The process becomes highly collaborative as your organization learns how to win.  Progress is measured by the adoption of the plan, by the growing alignment of behavior across the organization, and by acceleration of the business.  We have tools and processes to guide the way.

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Can you do these things in my industry, for my business?

Yes, and there are two reasons why. First, we have done this before. We have decades of senior line management experience across many industries, including consumer products, business services and manufacturing. Second, our solutions assume you are the expert in your business. We work closely with you to sharpen the focus, create structure and spark a clear sense of purpose within your team.

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How will my relationships with important customers improve?

Most companies behave as if their customers are adversaries.  By shifting your point of view to their side of the table, by demonstrating that they are important to you, by respecting them as a means to your growth, the dynamic of the interaction changes.  You become easier to do business with, and you stand out against your competition.  We will show you how.

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Will this create disruptive change that my organization will reject?

Positive change will energize your organization.  Often, this is change that they want, but don’t know how to ask for.  As they recognize and believe in the power of the plan, they embrace it and propel it forward.  We help this happen.

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What stands in my way?

Courageous Marketing addresses the three most common obstacles to growth:  developing a clear, powerful idea for the business, creating a focused plan of action, and energizing the team.  The last requires the most creativity, flexibility and persistence.  It is also where the payoff happens.

If your culture is highly resistant to change, we help you bring that out into the open.  Faced head on, the team itself can address the issue, and new solutions will present themselves.

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How do we get started?

We begin with a conversation.  As we listen to you and learn about your situation and your goals for the business, a plan emerges.  With that comes the confidence that you can succeed.

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